The Research Management is a missionary process, in charge of developing the necessary activities for the assimilation, adaptation and generation of knowledge relevant and applicable to the academic, research, government and business community, through the processes of research and knowledge management Which are produced within the University, derived from the different actions carried out within the framework of the development of the mission and institutional vision.

In this sense, management:

  • It strengthens the development of research + Development + innovation (r + D + i) in the field of joint University-enterprise-national innovation-State system, within a context of sustainable society.
  • It executes the corresponding guidelines for the administration and management of the research groups of the university, as well as its categorization before the administrative department of Science, Technology and Innovation (Colciencias).
  • Manages the development of research processes, both internal call and call for proposals or external bidding.
  • It promotes the generation and linkage of research seeders, providing the necessary support for students to strengthen their investigative skills and participate in the effective generation of knowledge.




Mauricio Díez: PhD in Project management.

"I" projects
Annie Cárdenas Bahamón: Business Administrator, specialist in quality management processes.

Projects "E"
Edith Milena Bonilla-Vivas: Public administrator, specialist in Social management.

Andrés Zárate Vásquez: Technologist in Business Administration, courses eighth semester in business Administration.


Publications Management

Coordination of publications
Laura Cediel Fresneda: Historian, master in book publishing.

Editorial Production
Álvaro Leonel Guerrero Castiblanco: Technologist in graphic design; Courses eighth semester in graphic design.
César Augusto Rubiano Moreno: Professional technician in Graphic design, courses eighth semester in advertising.
María Eugenia Mila Estupiñan: Graphic Arts Technician.