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  • * Accept theStudent Regulation (agreement 016-21 July 2016)

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EAN University Graduate Profile *

First: High academic quality with integral formation framed in solid principles and ethical values based on criteria of corporate social responsibility.

Second: Entrepreneurial leadership to perform as an independent entrepreneur or entrepreneurial executive. Leadership to perform the highest responsibilities in the public and private spheres.

Third: Vision and investigative capacity to project business action plans in line with the dynamics of change that emerged in the advances of science, art, technology and communications.

Fourth Competencies to promote and put into action productive projects with national and international dimension.

Quinto: Suitability to promote relevant alliances aimed at diversifying product lines and services that add value to established matrix programs, increasing their competitiveness.

Sixth: Continuous Professional and business updating, in keeping with the dynamics of the national and international environment.

Seventh: Experience gained in participation of professional practices and in programs of exchange of experiences and opportunities of national and international business.

Eighth: Talent to provide advisory services, technical assistance, research and management of innovative productive projects.

Ninth: Integrity in the cultivation of human relations and contacts of cultural, political and economic development.

Tenth: Participation in boards of directors and corporate governance.

Tenth first: It makes management decisions, anticipating and adapting to the constant change of the international markets.

Tenth Second: It converts ideas into innovative business opportunities, in the context of the trends and programs of productive transformation of the national and international environment.

Tenth Third: It designs strategies to position companies as leaders in the respective sector.

15th Quarter: It understands the functioning of relations in multicultural environments and acts accordingly.

15th: He uses and manages technological tools of his own professional practice.

* The university's top council by agreement No. 060 of November 17th of the year 2011, updated the "profile of the graduate of the EAN University". in article 1. He agrees: "Declárase as the basic objective of the EAN University, in the educational and vocational training processes, to get your students to acquire the habits, capacities, principles and values that are related below as" profile of the Graduate Eanista. ""

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