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By José Alejandro Martínez, Director of the Sustainability Department of the Institute for Sustainable Entrepreneurship - EAN University

I want to bring up a discord that, from the conceptual, I had some years ago with a university professor who spoke of "sustainability or resilience".

We all know that sustainability implies the adequate use of the resources we have available in this generation, without compromising the right of future generations to do the same, under conditions equal or better to ours. Most of us know that sustainable development implies satisfying needs, but keeping in mind, and with the same level of importance, social, economic and environmental aspects.

What I did not know very well, until some years ago, was the concept of resilience, which in psychology is the human capacity to flexibly assume limit situations and overcome them (RAE, 2010), while in ecology it refers to Ability of communities to absorb (in the sense of withstanding) disturbances.

"Resilience, in ecology, refers to the ability of communities to absorb (in the sense of bearing) disturbances."

It was there that I became uneasy and conceptual difference: I do not consider it right to speak of society having to create (or improve) its resilience, because what is really being witnessed is how we are reaching the limits of the resilience of natural ecosystems Thanks to the active intervention we make in them.

In this way, I think it is more effective to speak of sustainability in itself, since otherwise we will arrive at what we have always done: when conditions become adverse (psychological, material, physical, geologically, geologically ... ), We get the best of ourselves and we put ourselves before the circumstances.

I have no doubt that the human being will be able to live in a world with global warming, with melting poles, with famine or with soil contaminated by environmental liabilities. What creates me uncertainty is whether these adaptations (that increase our resilience) are consistent with the respect we must have for the environment (with productive vision, of course), with the preservation of the potentials of the same, and even with The conservation of some of the environmental services that today lend us the natural resources.

"I have no doubt that the human being will be able to live with global warming. What I question is whether increasing our resilience is consistent with the respect we must have for the environment and its preservation. "

Centuries pass and yet we continue to believe (anthropocentrically speaking) that the human being is the center of everything and that it is well that it be so. However, there are more mouths to feed and poorer with basic needs unsatisfied; Fortunately, we are also the professionals who must build a path that allows us to live, but not compete, with our matrix of origin: the planet.

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