EANista exposes the need to think about sustainable development in mining

Entrepreneurship, Academy
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Thanks to the research carried out by EANist professor José Alejandro Martínez, he was invited to a radio program, where he talked about the current scenario of gold mining in the country.

The professor spoke about the impact of gold mining in Colombia, the environmental challenges and the social possibilities in this sector.

For his wide experience in the subject, he exposed the need to think about sustainable development in mining. Several institutional efforts have been made to achieve this, but not at the speed required by the regions. (Gold mining in Colombia is in Antioquia, Chocó, Nariño, Cauca and Caldas).

In his research, the professor states that, among the impacts of the extraction of precious minerals and hydrocarbons in the country, are deforestation, pollution to water sources and increase in the articulated material of the area, in addition to the loss of habitat .

Given this, it is essential to understand the problem and to adapt the technologies to the conditions of the areas of exploitation and thus, to allow that there are no technical or economic constraints that prevent a correct decontamination of soils contaminated with mercury.

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