Entrepreneurs and sustainability

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los empresarios y la sostenibilidad

By José Alejandro Martínez, Director of the Sustainability Department of the Institute for Sustainable Entrepreneurship - EAN University

As a massive phenomenon at the corporate level, Corporate Social Responsibility came with the turn of the millennium and became a meeting point between various sectors and productive activities.

Although this situation is positive, it has been neglecting the relationship that must exist between social welfare and environmental care, to move to an exaltation of activities to improve the quality of life of employees or communities.

"CSR has been putting aside the relationship that must exist between social welfare and environmental care."

Therefore, it is common to find organizations dedicated to obtaining resources to improve the living conditions of communities or individuals, as well as companies willing to make donations to schools or people in vulnerable condition. Undoubtedly, a praiseworthy gesture, but in itself incomplete and insufficient.

In this way, the sustainability reports of companies are filled with actions that, in some cases, are isolated and end in paternalistic actions that do not contribute to the true generation of social value; Faced with a support option, a cost-effective social investment opportunity should be confronted, for example.

"Faced with a support option, there must be a possibility of profitable social investment."

As for action with the community, you should think about working with the environment ... with the environment. For the same reason, the work of education is to adequately provide knowledge about the environment and the relationships that are part of it, recognize the human being as a part of the complex system of the environment and, therefore, make it appear that a The fundamental part of Corporate Social Responsibility is the relationship between the productive sector and the environment.

The slogan: sustainability should not be reduced to two dimensions (economic and environmental), nor should the environmental issue be removed from corporate social responsibility, at the risk of leaving the activity in mid-march.

One survey: a survey conducted in 34 countries in 2010 (Kelly Service) shows that younger employees seek emotional satisfaction rather than good pay and 90% of people tend to choose companies that are both ethical and socially responsible.

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