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By Elsa María Gómez, Director of Communications EAN University

I am a publicist and have worked for more than fifteen years in brand building and strategic communication. In all this time, I had not had the opportunity to meet a university that transcended the usual promises of improving the future and forming the leaders of tomorrow.

"I fell in love with Sustainable Entrepreneurship"

I confess that I fell in love with the Sustainable Entrepreneurship in the job interview, because I felt that this Institution is willing to break the common places and to bet on the goals that have been proposed.

Many will say that Sustainable Entrepreneurship is more an intention than a reality. I see it different and I will tell you why. This concept gave a broader vision to this University and today forms human beings with an entrepreneurial spirit, who put their work to work regardless of whether it is their company or that of a third party. People who approach with ethics and transparency to the processes and who link the three pillars of sustainability in their work models.

In short, this University is preparing able people, who not only graduate with excellent academic skills, but also develop skills to face a competitive and merciless work world; Always supported in unshakable values.

"Articulate social, environmental and business logic to build a more prosperous society"

I have changed my life EAN University because I understood that their managers took the trouble to give us a compass called the Institute for Sustainable Entrepreneurship, a unit whose purpose is to accompany our ideas of entrepreneurship until they reach a good port. From Communications we have promoted hundreds of enterprises and intrapreneurs that have been able to articulate the social, environmental and business logic to build a more prosperous and equitable society.

I want to believe that in the future many other people, like me, will fall in love with the possibility of forming and training to become better citizens of the world. It is not an easy or short task, but you have to start walking to get to the destination.

And here we go ...

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