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Carrera en Contaduría Pública

Public Accountancy

The Public Accountancy degree offers managerial skills to interpret financial information of organizations, generating opportunities that strengthen the administration of resources and their distribution.
Carrera en Mercadeo y Estrategia Comercial

Marketing and Business Strategy

The professional in Marketing and Business Strategy of the Universidad Ean has the necessary skills to develop markets, products, services and ideas in different types of industry and contexts based on a depth knowledge of consumer data analysis.
Carrera en Ingeniería Industrial

Industrial Engineering

Do you like to design, improve and optimize production systems? This program will allow you to generate innovative and sustainable solutions for the benefit of society utilizing production systems, human factors, product design, logistics, and finance.
Carrera en Psicología


Are you interested in analyzing and explaining the behavior of human beings? This program offers you the required conceptual and methodological tools to understand the behavior, and contribute to adaptation processes of individuals within their context.


Descargar diplomas desde eTítulo con validez es posible en la Universidad Ean

Ean is the first Colombian University to issue diplomas with blockchain technology

Last January 25th, our institution signed an agreement with the Thomas Signe Company with the objective to issue diplomas with blockchain technology.

January 25, 2019+

US Embassy highlights student mobility model of the Universidad Ean

February 25, 2019

The United States Embassy in Colombia has been developing different strategies for strengthening the institutional capacities of the universities.

New exchange agreement with French university

February 18, 2019

The Universidad Ean and the L'université Grenoble Alpes - France, signed an agreement for academic, scientific and cultural exchanges without limit of quotas for the students of all the programs.

Hochschule Worms - Germany: new exchange destination

February 13, 2019

The Universidad Ean and the Hochschule Worms University of Applied Sciences, of Germany, recently signed an inter-institutional cooperation agreement.

Accreditations and Certifications

Why should you study at Universidad Ean?

Institute for Sustainable Entrepreneurship

We have the best professional team to train, support and advise you on entrepreneurship issues.

One of the best university incubators worldwide

Our program Ean Impacta was highlighted by the organization UBI Global during the World Incubation Summit 2018 (WIS).

Big projects beginning

We offer 15 research laboratories of cutting edge technology, where important projects for the domestic industries have been developed.

Challenging-based learning

We broke the traditional ground of higher education, and today we teach by a practical, effective and motivating way, on a challenge-based learning.

Interdisciplinary Education

All our students take courses related to the process of creation and consolidation of companies and sustainable business models.


Accredited in High-Quality

(Res. No. 29499) By the Colombian Ministry of Education.

12/29/17, effective until 12/28/21
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