Scholarships to study abroad

Platform of Scholarships for Mobility of undergraduate students Pacific Alliance

These scholarships are designed especially for the mobility of undergraduate students between Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. It is an intergovernmental program funded by the member states of the Pacific Alliance. In Colombia this program is administered by ICETEX.

Funding agencies in Colombia for studies abroad


Most of the funding opportunities for the study abroad are concentrated in postgraduate studies, but there are some special lines and programmes for international mobility in undergraduate.


The Foundation for the future of Colombia is a private entity, which channels resources of cooperation to finance Colombian students abroad in their different programs.




The ICETEX is a state entity that promotes access to the educational opportunities provided by the international community to raise the quality of life of Colombians and contribute to the economic and social development of the country.


Current Scholarships



Colciencias is a state entity that promotes research in science and technology in Colombia. Some of their scholarships are aimed at young researchers and have international mobility programs of interest especially for graduate students.


Fulbright Colombia


The Fulbright program, from the United States Department of State, it is present in 155 nations of the world and has benefited more than 300,000 people chosen based on their academic and professional merits, giving them the opportunity to study, teach and investigate but, above all, to exchange ideas and contribute to finding solutions to challenges and interests of global reach.

Scholarships for Colombians

Carolina Foundation


The foundation is aimed at supporting the activities of the Carolina España Foundation in particular, the promotion of cultural relations and cooperation in the educational and scientific field between Spain and Colombia.


Foundation programs

Chevening Colombia


Chevening in Colombia grants scholarships for masteries lasting 1 year at any university in the UK. The scholarship offers financial support and the opportunity to become part of the respected and influential global Chevening network.


DAAD - Servicio Alemán de Intercambio Académico


The DAAD is an institution created to support academic exchange. Among its main tasks is the administration of more than 200 scholarship programs distributed in the more than 100 countries in which it is present. For Colombia, the DAAD offers more than 25 different scholarship programmes covering all levels of higher education and in general all areas of academia and research.


Scholarships for Colombians

Scholarships and financial aid to study/research

Unión Europea - Proyecto PRECIOSA (Programme of Exchange & Cooperation for International Studies Between Europe and South America)

OEA - Organización de los Estados Americanos - Becas OEA

Alemania - DAAD - Servicio Alemán de Intercambio Académico

Argentina - Estudiar en Argentina

Australia - Education Australia

Brasil - Grupo Coimbra

Canadá - Study Canada

Chile - AGCI - Agencia de Cooperación Internacional

Estados Unidos - Fulbright ColombiaIIE - Institute of International Education100k Strong in the AmericasEducation USA

España - Fundación CarolinaMinisterio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte

Francia - Campus Bourses

Inglaterra - Chevening ScholarshipsEducation UK

México - AMEXCID - Agencia Mexicana de Cooperación Internacional para el DesarrolloConacyt

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