Teaching performance

Sense of teacher assessment by competencies

The evaluation of teachers is based on the Pedagogical Model by competences. This process seeks to determine the level of development of pedagogical competencies evidenced by the teacher, depending on the professional training of the EAN. This evaluation emerges as a diagnosis, therefore, it is proposed as a process of academic development, in relation to teacher qualification policies. Consequently, the pedagogical competences seen from the discipline that each teacher handles and the methodological strategy that develops, contribute dynamically to the strengthening of the competences of the student and, consequently, of the professional.

The instrument is composed of 22 questions grouped with a pedagogical intentionality like this:

Group 1 - Questions 1 to 3:Presentation and management ofsyllabus.

9  Learning activities proposed and developed to train in skills.

Group 4 - Questions 10 to 12:  Methodology for evaluating student performance.

Group 5 - Questions 13 to 16:  Development of transversal competences.

Group 6 - Questions 17 to 20:  Interpersonal relationships teacher - student - group.

Group 7 - Question 21:  Development of competencies raised for the unit of study.

Question 22:  Open question for contributions and comments of the student regarding the development of competences during the unit of study.

With this same instrument, the level of development of the interpretive, argumentative and propositive competences is measured as follows:

Interpretive:  Questions 4, 7 and 10

Argumentative:  Questions 5, 8 and 11

Proposition:  Questions 6, 9 y 12

The corresponding results are disclosed and forwarded to the corresponding faculties. Teachers who achieve results of less than 75 points on average establish improvement actions aimed at strengthening their competencies, seeking to fulfill the promise of value with our stakeholders.

Refer to the teaching regulations of EAN University

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