Health-Auditing and Quality Assurance Specialization

Become a game-changing manager in health institutions! This specialization will give you the tools to facilitate the improvement of this sector considering the Colombian legislation, in order to guarantee better service and satisfy your users.

What does a graduate of Health-Auditing and Quality Assurance Specialization do?

  • Manage Audit and Quality Assurance in Health programs.
  • Ensure the preservation of user rights.
  • Know the process of enabling healthcare institutions in Colombia.
  • Apply quality management systems to the health sector.
  • Understand national and international healthcare accreditation.
  • Generate sustainable business opportunities and lead projects that generate economic and social value.

What are the working areas of a graduate of Health-Auditing and Quality Assurance Specialization?

  • Quality Assurance System.

  • Lending Institutions of Health (IPS as their initials in Spanish).

  • Quality management processes.

  • Entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship.

The tuition fee for the whole program depends on the number of academic credits enrolled by the student.

Academic credit fee is subject to annual increases determined by Universidad Ean and authorized by the Colombian Ministry of Education – MEN (by its initials in Spanish).

Degree Granted
Health-Auditing and Quality Assurance Specialist.
School of Administration, Finance and Economic Sciences.
One year (2 academic semesters, 26 academic credits).

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SNIES code (National Higher Education Information System): 13512,Res. nº. 4193 of the Colombian Ministry of Education - 04/20/12, effective until 04/20/19. City: Bogotá D.C., Cundinamarca, Colombia, South America.


First Semester 12 credit hours

  • Core Courses
  • Quality of health care audit I 3
  • Quality assurance in health, qualification, accreditation and PAMEC 3
  • Cross-Disciplinary Courses
  • Strategic thinking and global management 3
  • Elective Courses
  • Elective I 3

Second Semester 14 credit hours

  • Core Courses
  • Quality of health care audit II 3
  • Epidemiology and information systems for decision making 3
  • Degree Requirement Courses
  • Research Seminar 2
  • Cross-Disciplinary Courses
  • Initiative and sustainable entrepreneurship 3
  • Elective Courses
  • Elective II 3

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