Master's degree in Culture Management

Impact and transform the world through culture! Here you have the opportunity to improve your management skills and strategic knowledge, focus on the design and management of projects that allow cultural transformation within public or private organizations.

What does a Master of Culture Management do?

  • Formulate and assess competitive strategies which generate value, consolidation, and prestige for the cultural sector.
  • Generate cultural transformation processes in organizations.
  • Undertake and manage projects in the field of cultural industries.
  • Develop sustainable business opportunities and lead projects that generate economic, environmental and social value.
  • Design and manage policies and guidelines that positively impact cultural initiatives in the company, society, and country.

What are the working areas of a Master of Culture Management?

  • Cultural advertising.
  • Artistic direction.
  • Supervision and consulting.
  • Entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship.
Tuition fee

*The tuition fee of the whole program depends on the number of academic credits enrolled by the student.

Academic credit fee is subject to annual increases determined by Universidad Ean and authorized by the Colombian Ministry of Education – MEN (by its initials in Spanish).

Degree Granted

Master of Culture Management.

School of Humanities and Social Sciences.
Two years (4 semesters, 52 academic credits).

Check the flexible schedules of this program.

SNIES code: 102480, Res. nº. 4871 of the Colombian Ministry of Education- 04/30/13, effective until 04/30/20. City: Bogotá D.C., Cundinamarca, Colombia, South America.

Program Director


First Semester 12 credit hours

  • Core Courses
  • Introduction to Cultural Management 3 credit hours
  • Cultural Marketing 3 credit hours
  • Seminar 2: Economy and Culture 3 credit hours
  • Cross-Disciplinary Courses
  • Initiative and Sustainable Entrepreneurship 3 credit hours

Second Semester 12 credit hours

  • Core Courses
  • Seminar 4: Global, Emerging and Traditional Markets 3 credit hours
  • Cultural Projects 3 credit hours
  • Cross-Disciplinary Courses
  • Strategic Thinking and Global Management 3 credit hours
  • Elective Courses
  • Elective I 3 credit hours

Third Semester 12 credit hours

  • Core Courses
  • Seminar 1: Cultural Industries 3 credit hours
  • Heritage and Cultural Tourism 3 credit hours
  • Communication and Managerial Negotiation 3 credit hours
  • Degree Requirement Courses
  • Research Seminar 3 credit hours

Fourth Semester 16 credit hours

  • Core Courses
  • Finances 3 credit hours
  • Seminar 3: Public Policy, Copyright 3 credit hours
  • Degree Requirement Courses
  • Research Project 4 credit hours
  • Elective Courses
  • Elective II 3 credit hours
  • Elective III 3 credit hours

Note: The program's opening is subject to a minimum number of students. Universidad Ean reserves the right to suspend or postpone the beginning of any program, depending on the response obtained from those interested in the call. Likewise, it reserves the right to make any change in the curriculum, methodological approach and faculty members.

The courses are going to be taught mostly in Spanish. Nevertheless, the academic activities may incorporate lectures and content in other languages. Therefore, it will be the student responsibility to achieve a whole understanding of them.


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12/29/17, effective until 12/28/21
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