EAN University repeats prize of 100,000 Strong in the Americas

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ICETEX and U.S. Department of State-Sponsored Competition Selects Eleven Higher Education Partnerships between the United States and Colombia, among which is Universidad EAN.

The U.S. Department of State, Partners of the Americas and Colombian Institute of Educational Loans and Studies Abroad (Icetex) announced on May 29th the new winners for the 100,000 Strong in the America grants.

The President of the High Council Billy Crissien, and the Coordinator of Internationalization Luis Arévalo attended the awarding event, which took place  NAFSA: Association of International Educators Annual Conference, in Philadelphia, United States.

Universidad EAN, its international partner Portland State University, and Universidad Antonio de Nariño joined forces to create the program "The Social Innovation Certificate: A Sustainable Entrepreneurship Tool for Economic Empowerment in Post-Conflict Colombia".

After careful evaluation, the proposal was selected to receive a US$ 25,000 grant. The program will apply social innovation tools and a proven methodology as a means for participants to develop sustainable initiatives or business models, with the objective of generating economic opportunities and a positive social impact for rural communities in Colombia.

Dr. Crissien expressed some words of gratitude: "Universidad EAN aims to democratize higher education and expand to reach more people with the concept of sustainable entrepreneurship and social innovation. This type of recognition and awards allow the University EAN to spread its message of sustainable entrepreneurship and social innovation throughout the country, with allies who have the same idea of ​​democratizing higher education in Colombia.

Thanks to the work of the teams of the Institute for Sustainable Entrepreneurship and the Office of Internationalization of the Academic Vice-Chancellorship, today the university obtained for the second time this recognition from the Department of States of the United States, Partners of the Americas, for the which we are very grateful and we hope to honor the commitments and to benefit more students. This is what helps us reach to more people and confirms that Universidad EAN has undertake the correct path”, he concluded.

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