Descargar diplomas desde eTítulo con validez es posible en la Universidad Ean

Ean is the first Colombian University to issue diplomas with blockchain technology

Last January 25th, our institution signed an agreement with the Thomas Signe Company with the objective to issue diplomas with blockchain technology. One of the benefits of this type of title is the security and traceability that characterizes this technology. The students will be able to share diplomas in platforms, human resources companies, and social networks, with total reliability of their content.

Attended to the protocol implementation act, Dr. Luis Umaña Timms, chancellor of the Universidad Ean, Violeta Osorno, general secretary, Eduardo Quintero Barona, executive president of the Grupo Signe, and a delegation of this same organization.

The main benefits of this technology to our graduates are:

  • Traceability and immutability of the registered information
  • An electronic signature that guarantees the non-manipulation of the document
  • Bidi code, which allows validation of the diploma's info
  • eTítulo web page, where you can certify your diploma's authenticity
  • Efficient download of certified titles through any mobile device
  • Transparency in obtaining the original title
  • Security of an 'unbreakable' service
  • Same legal validity as the original document

Also, this tool facilitates the verification of diplomas, competencies, and skills of the professionals who add them in social media such as LinkedIn. "The confirmation of your skills will no longer be a favor from your friends," said Signe Group president.

"We are experiencing the transition of the University to the future. We are not only making life easier for our graduates, but we are also helping companies to improve their management in terms of information verification. We live in the digital revolution," said Dr. Luis Umaña.

The expectation is that the service will be available in February of this year.


Accredited in High-Quality

(Res. No. 29499) By the Colombian Ministry of Education.

12/29/17, effective until 12/28/21
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